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Apricot AB was initially founded in Sweden already in 1983 by Jean-Niklas Palm-Jensen. When Niklas resigned from his director’s position at Vin & Sprit, he turned his private company into a wine importing and marketing business. Apricot AB has supplied wines and alcoholic beverages to Systembolaget, the Swedish on-trade and border trade since April 2005.

Per Monnberg was working with Southcorp Wines in 2001 when he connected with Niklas, who then was Brand Director of Penfolds Wines at V&S. After Niklas’ move to develop Apricot’s wine business, the idea of a partnership was first discussed. Due to Per’s other engagments for a number of years, Apricot Helsinki Oy became reality only in 2017.

Apricot is a well experienced company, with a long history of working with the Swedish and Finnish monopolies, Systembolaget and Alko. In the last 15 years, Apricot has successfully driven sales and built strong brands, generating some of the best-selling products in the volume segment.


Knowing how to make consumers in the Northern European Countries loyal to our Brands is our backyard.


Why “Apricot”?

Growing up in Sweden, with a French background, Managing Director Jean-Niklas Palm-Jensen, used to visit his French family every summer, in the beautiful countryside of Perpignan, in South France. At that time of the year, everyone would help with the apricot harvest. Jean-Niklas decided to associate these good memories with the company and founded “Apricot”.

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